The landscape of joint tube suppliers has recently undergone a significant transformation with the fusion of Marijuana Packaging, Kush Bottles, and 420 Packaging. With an unspecified amount of production having possibly shifted to the USA (not entirely verified), this alliance sparks curiosity among joint manufacturers. In this review, we explore what this new collaboration brings to the table, focusing on both opportunities and concerns.

Uniting Strengths

In our opinion, this fusion represents a complex alignment of capabilities. Marijuana Packaging’s history of sales on underperforming items merges with Kushco’s market stability and 420 Packaging’s top-end pricing. Together, they seem to create a more diverse product line but with no clear specialization.

Quality and Consistency

Historically, each brand maintained its standards, and Marijuana Packaging, in particular, had a pattern of offering sales on products with issues. Now, there’s hope for more stringent quality control measures with their combined resources. However, the uncertainty regarding the extent of USA-based production, as it’s not known how much has shifted, leaves room for concerns about consistency across batches.

Design and Usability

The new entity’s design appears to be a blend of the three original brands. While this diversification adds variety, it may cause a loss of individual identity. In terms of usability, the tubes are still expected to fit automated packaging systems, though there’s no significant innovation in this area.

Pricing and Special Deals

Pricing within this fusion remains a subject of intrigue and complexity. Historically, Marijuana Packaging and 420 Packaging have typically been on the higher end of the price spectrum, even leading to unverified reports of hidden tariff expenses in delivery costs. This trend seems to continue post-fusion, with standard tubes typically being more expensive than other market options. While they do run specials on loss-leader products, these are often either seconds or available in very limited quantities, thus reducing the overall impact on cost savings. In our opinion, while potential customers may find value in these specials, it’s essential to approach them with awareness of these limitations. The main line of tubes tends to be priced higher, and careful consideration should be given to whether this aligns with specific needs and budgets.

U.S. Production Concerns

The unverified shift to USA-based production adds an intriguing layer but may also raise delivery concerns, especially for international clients. We have yet to verify the amount of production that is U.S.-based, which could lead to shipping delays due to overseas manufacturing. This aspect needs careful consideration and verification.


The fusion of Marijuana Packaging, Kushco, and 420 Packaging offers a new and complex proposition in the joint tube supplier industry. In our opinion, while this collaboration presents a combination of strengths, there are lingering uncertainties and potential areas for improvement. The unverified claim of domestic production, along with the somewhat inconsistent pricing strategies, leaves lukewarm impression overall. Manufacturers should consider their specific needs, budget, and preferences carefully before deciding if this alliance aligns with their objectives.

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