In the vast realm of packaging, Green Tech Packaging promises a wide range of solutions for the food, hemp, and cannabis industries. However, their approach to joint tube offerings raises several concerns that potential clients should be aware of.

Inconsistent Joint Tube Quality

While Green Tech Packaging claims to offer an array of joint tube solutions, such as pop top bottles, reversible cap vials, and pre-roll tubes, the consistency of their quality is questionable. Reports of child-resistant features failing and the overall design not living up to the promised standards have been prevalent.

Hidden Costs and Tariffs

While Green Tech Packaging touts transparent pricing, many clients find themselves caught off guard with hidden costs. The claim of no unnecessary taxes or tariffs is often overshadowed by additional charges that appear during the final billing stages, compromising the overall value for money.

Overseas Production and Protracted Delivery Times

Unlike some of their competitors, Green Tech Packaging’s products aren’t manufactured in the USA. This often results in prolonged wait times for businesses reliant on timely stock replenishments. Extended shipping durations, combined with potential customs delays, make it challenging for businesses to maintain a seamless supply chain.


While Green Tech Packaging might seem like an attractive choice on the surface, a closer examination reveals several shortcomings, especially concerning joint tubes. The absence of domestic manufacturing, leading to longer waiting times, further detracts from their appeal. Businesses seeking reliable joint tube solutions might want to consider other options that offer both consistent quality and timely deliveries.

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