Fulcrum Trading Company has successfully established a distinct position in the joint tube market through their unwavering commitment to providing top-notch tubes at competitive rates. Their strategic approach to business, coupled with a strong focus on catering to customer-specific needs, has garnered attention from joint manufacturers globally.

Quality Design and Consistency

Known for their unmatched quality, Fulcrum only manufactures and ships perfectly straight tubes. This commitment to perfection means no curved tubes, minimizing delays in packaging. The attention to detail in manufacturing, even including custom colors at no extra charge, sets them apart in the industry.

Pricing and Specials

Fulcrum has established itself as one of the most competitively priced providers for quality tubes. The inclusion of unique specials such as the “Baker’s Dozen” deal further enhances their appeal. On the 13th order, the average pricing of the first twelve orders is free, leading to an average cost decrease of 7-8%. Other volume discounts and bulk delivery options are also part of Fulcrum’s attractive pricing strategy.

USA Production and Speedy Delivery

Fulcrum manufactures its tubes in Indiana, ensuring quick and easy delivery within the United States. Their 100% American-made products are a strong selling point, not just from a quality perspective but also from a delivery standpoint.


Fulcrum Trading Company’s blend of quality, competitive pricing, and customer-centric specials like the “Baker’s Dozen” make them a compelling choice for joint manufacturers. In our opinion, their offerings provide a remarkable balance between affordability and functionality, solidifying their position as one of the industry leaders. Their commitment to perfection in their products and the strong focus on domestic manufacturing adds to their appeal. Manufacturers looking for quality tubes at competitive prices would do well to consider Fulcrum’s offerings.

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