CoolJarz, known for offering joint tubes at an affordable price point, presents an interesting blend of characteristics that are both appealing and concerning. In this review, we explore these attributes, carefully highlighting our opinion on the aspects of design, usability, quality, and environmental considerations.


CoolJarz’s joint tubes are among the cheaper options available in the market. This affordability may attract budget-conscious manufacturers, but in our opinion, it’s vital to examine how the price might correlate with other aspects such as quality and design.


The design of CoolJarz’s tubes is quite unconventional, with packaging often described as “weird boxes.” The absence of color options might be seen as a limitation for some manufacturers who are looking to match specific branding requirements.


When it comes to quality, CoolJarz seems to have adopted a new eco-friendly design, which claims to use up to 50% less polypropylene, but has raised some concerns.

In our opinion, these eco-friendly tubes are noticeably thin, leading to issues such as bending at the head and overall fragility. Some users have described them as “horrible tubes all around,” and our assessment aligns with these concerns. The reduced material usage, while aiming to be sustainable, appears to have compromised the integrity of the tubes, making them prone to defects and breakage.


CoolJarz’s joint tubes, particularly the eco-friendly ones, are reportedly hard to use with labeling machines. In our opinion, this could be a significant drawback for manufacturers relying on automated labeling processes. The inconsistency and frequent defects might lead to delays in packaging and additional costs in handling the faulty tubes.

Environmental Considerations

CoolJarz’s effort to create an eco-friendly design is commendable in intent but falls short in execution. While the reduced use of polypropylene aligns with environmental concerns, the resulting product quality issues seem to overshadow the potential benefits. In our opinion, the approach to sustainability appears to be somewhat misrepresented, leading to a product that is neither truly eco-friendly nor functional.


CoolJarz’s joint tubes offer a mixed bag of features. While the affordability and intent to provide eco-friendly options might attract some manufacturers, the compromises made in quality, design, and usability could be significant deterrents. In our opinion, the overall value proposition leans towards the lower end of the spectrum, with the challenges seemingly outweighing the benefits.

Potential buyers should carefully consider their specific needs, preferences, and values before opting for CoolJarz’s offerings. As with any purchase, understanding the trade-offs involved will lead to a more informed decision. We recommend exploring samples or seeking detailed specifications to ensure alignment with your manufacturing requirements.

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